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Close up of a womans hands is rolling up exercise mat and preparing to doing yoga. She is

We offer therapeutic yoga, trauma-sensitive yoga, and mind-body performance coaching for individuals as well as for teams. With our coach, you'll work to identify goals and develop a relevant program of mind-body practices, and work together to integrate those practices into your daily life.


Depending on your needs, goals, and interests, these practices may include dynamic yoga forms and flows, restorative postures, breath and meditation practices, imagery, attentional control, interoceptive awareness, myofascial release, and self-massage.

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Different Forms of Yoga Offered 

Therapeutic Yoga

A therapeutic yoga practice centers the tools and teachings of yoga on your specific needs and your specific goals for your own body. If you're managing the interconnected physical, emotional, and mental effects of chronic stress, anxiety, social expectation, exhaustion and/or social injustice, therapeutic yoga creates space for building your inner resources in support of the goals you set for yourself.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga



Trauma —both witnessing it and experiencing it—disrupts nearly all the body's systems. Long-term exposure to these physiological responses changes the ways we relate to our bodies. Trauma-sensitive yoga centers practitioners' relationships to their own bodies, encouraging interoceptive awareness and supporting survivors as they build a sense of strength, agency, and capacity to be present in their own bodies." 

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Sometimes called the “lazy person’s yoga,” thai yoga bodywork is an ancient practice of dynamic assisted stretching with many benefits supported by modern science. You’ll lie fully clothed on a mat while the practitioner uses compression, stretch, and movement to identify and release both superficial and deeply held tensions. It can assist with relaxation, circulation, flexibility, lymphatic drainage, and energetic balancing.

Myofascial Bodywork

Our fascial forms the second largest organ of our nervous systems (after our skin) and responds to changes in our movements, body positions, and pressures from inside and outside our bodies. At any given moment, our nervous system may be receiving as much information from our fascia as it is from the external world. Myofascial bodywork involves moving your body in many directions, on all planes, in slow, gentle, supported ways and can assist with the repatterning of fascial adhesions, the restoration of tissue integrity (including tissue strength and hydration), and allow for healthy mind-body communication and nervous system balancing. In a myofascial session, you may explore compression, rolling, cross fibering, sheering, and contract-relax techniques depending on your specific needs and goals.

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