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Neurofeedback is brain training.  Using real-time biofeedback we can work to increase flexibility and develop new neuropathways in the brain.


Using EEG technology, we can determine what brain activity is likely causing uncomfortable symptoms. Then we utilize sensors on the scalp to train the brain through the use of audio and visual rewards. It is non-invasive, and is increasingly used to reduce negative symptoms related to many health and mental health concerns. It is often used to reduce symptoms of:



Sleep disorders




Learning Difficulties

Bi-polar disorder

Neurofeedback can also be used to enhance or support peak performance for athletes or business people looking to take that next step forward.



Map Your Brain

A QEEG, or quantitative electroencephalogram, uses sensors on the scalp to measure patterns of electrical activity in the brain. With this electrical data, we are able to create a picture of what is happening in the brain, also called a "brain map".


We can use this information to see patterns that may be causing uncomfortable symptoms and also how we could utilize neurofeedback to potentially reduce those symptoms and improve regulation and function of the nervous system.

In the video below Michelle walks you through what getting a brain map looks like. 


Train Your Brain

Using EEG technology to offer real time rewards to your brain when it repeats desired electrical behavior. Neurofeedback can reduce negative physical and emotional symptoms and help individuals develop healthy brain and life habits

Your brain is working in the background all the time to make sense of the world around you and keep you moving. When it recognizes the audio and visual rewards and repeats the desired behaviors it becomes more flexible and builds new neuropathways. The more the patterns and pathways repeat, the greater the brain change.

We offer in office neurofeedback therapy or remote neurofeedback. In office, most people come for brain training 2-3 times a week. At home, people are able to do sessions at home 2-4 times a week. Length of treatment depends on the concerns being addressed and the patterns being trained.


Wait, there's more...

We've added Photobiomodulation to our practice. The use of light therapy is a great addition to our neurofeedback treatment. To find out more about the Vielight system we use, click the link below.

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