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Our amazing minds impact the function and experience of our lives, for better or for worse. Our biology, experiences and environment all influence how well we are able to grow and make the changes we want to function at our fullest.

I have worked with people my entire career life, and in mental health for over ten years as a professional counselor. I have seen people try for years to change something that just seemed stuck in their lives.

I had the opportunity to see how neurofeedback could help people deal with what isn't working as it could be on a biological level in such a simple non-invasive way. I worked with a company in Colorado that specializes in neurofeedback and brain training and learned how to use these tools. Since that time, I have had the chance to see many people change their brains and as a result their lives.

By combining therapeutic services like counseling, neurofeedback, art therapy and more we can increase the effectiveness of treatment and help clients make the changes and experience the healing they've been longing for.​

Michelle Essary, MA, LPC, BCN

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